ESG 2019

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ESG Integration in Fixed Income Schedule:

2:00—2:10 Defining ESG Integration

  • Henry Shilling, Director of Research, Sustainable Research & Analysis LLC


2:10—2:20 Sustainability, Corporate Performance and Investment:

  • Professor Sris Chatterjee, Gabelli Chair in Global Security Analysis, Finance & Business Economic Fordham University


2:20—2:40 Evolution of ESG ratings:


2:40—3:40 Panel Discussion—ESG Integration in Investment Grade Fixed Income:

Moderator — Mark Howard, BNP Paribas Securities



3:40--4:00 Networking Break


4:00—5:00 Panel Discussion—The Rating Agencies:

Moderator — Ralph DeCesare, TD Asset Management


5:00—6:00 Panel Discussion—ESG Integration in NonInvestment Grade Fixed Income:

Moderator — Henry Shilling, Sustainable Research & Analysis LLC



6:00—6:15 Closing Remarks


6:15--7:00 Cocktails & Networking


Event Date 2019-04-11

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