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Below is a list of recent Speaker Series events. Note: you must be a member in good standing and logged into the site in order to download archived presentation materials.

Michael GattoBook Cover, CFA spoke about his recent book:


Michael's seven-step credit analysis process will prepare you for a career in credit investing at the top buy-side and sell-side firms on Wall Street by teaching you the technical skills needed to invest in the debt markets. Whether you are analyzing a loan origination in the private debt market, a new issue of a broadly syndicated loan (BSL), a high-yield bond (HY), or a secondary trade, the comprehensive knowledge gained from this book will equip you to make well-founded investment recommendations. Additionally, an entire section devoted to distressed debt investing incorporates a practitioner's perspective on the nuances of bankruptcy and restructurings to develop strategies to profit from opportunities in this opaque market. In clear, straightforward terms accessible to the layperson, Michael explains strategies pursued by distressed companies such as J. Crew and Serta that have led to creditor-on-creditor violence, giving you an insider’s perspective on some of the least understood transactions in the distressed arena.

You will:

  • Gain In-Depth Knowledge: Understand the complexities of credit markets, from trading dynamics to historical credit cycles, allowing you to identify debt investment opportunities―and avoid pitfalls.
  • Master the Analytical Framework: Learn Michael's seven-step process for analyzing credit investments, including qualitative industry and business analysis, financial statement analysis, forecasting, corporate valuation, relative value analysis, and debt structuring.
  • Learn How to Write an Investment Recommendation: Review real-life credit memos to understand how analysts translate this framework into recommendations that drive investment decisions at the top credit funds.
  • Discover Key Concepts and Terminology: leveraged buyout financings (LBOs), trading levels (price, yields, and spreads), shorting, and credit default swaps.
    Navigate Distressed Debt: Explore the strategies and nuances of distressed debt investing, including bankruptcy, subordination, creditor-on-creditor violence, and high-profile case studies from the past three decades of Chapter 11 restructurings.
  • This book caters to finance majors pursuing investing careers, credit analysts seeking to enhance their skills, and seasoned professionals aiming to expand their expertise. Professors, researchers, lawyers, and advisors servicing the credit industry will also find immense value in this comprehensive guide.


This was a very well attended event... The room was full and many enjoyed the lively conversation. See the pictures below:

Picture 1 20240530 200123   Gatto Mike At event



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FIASI/Fordham Sustainable Finance in Fixed Income Research Competition 2024  Award Winner Research Paper Presentation

  • Author: Mayank Kumar
  • Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Finance candidate
  • Title: Getting Dirty Before You Get Clean: Institutional Investment in Fossil Fuels and the Green Transition
  • Abstract: Contrary to the prevailing notion that private equity investment in fossil fuels adversely affects environmental outcomes, this paper shows that it can facilitate the green transition by allowing cleaner technologies to develop. I show that private equity (PE) acquisitions of fossil fuel power plants are followed by an 8% higher likelihood of solar development and a 10% increase in the number of solar plants in the same county. This increase comes from institutional investment in solar, specifically from the investors related to the PE owners of fossil plants. I establish a causal link between the PE acquisition of fossil plants and solar development using the intensity of sunlight that falls on fossil plants as a measure of solar investment opportunity and the passage of the investment tax credits that made solar power commercially attractive. In a difference-in-differences setting, I show that PE firms are more likely to buy fossil plants that provide higher solar investment opportunities. These findings suggest that regulations prohibiting PE investment in fossil fuels may prevent clean energy financing and impede the green transition.

Date:  May 15, 2024 at 4:00 PM EST
Venue:  Virtual event only

Event Date 2024-05-15


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On May 1st, 2024 the Sustainable Finance full day conference was held at Fordham University.  The conference was attended by a combined attendance of 222 individuals (in person and virtually).  Attendees represented 74 or so organizations, such as investment management firms, credit rating agencies, banks, insurance companies NGOs, ESG rating firms, as well as students from Fordham, Columbia, and NYU.

The conference agenda was as follows: 

  • 9:00am -- 9:10am: Welcome Remarks & Emcee for Morning Sessions
    • Henry Shilling, Director of Research, Sustainable Research and Analysis and FIASI Board Member  
  • 9:10am -- 9:45am: Keynote Address
  • 9:45am -- 10:45am: Panel 1: The State of Sustainable Investing 2024 and Outlook
    • Moderator: 
    • Panelists
      • Stephanie M. Doyle, CFA, Credit Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Asset Management
      • Jamison Friedland, Sustainability Analyst, AXA Investment Managers
      • Amy Levine, CFA, Senior Vice President, Director of ESG, Shenkman Capital Management, Inc.
  • 10:45am -- 11:00am: Break 
  • 11:00am -- 12:00pm: Panel 2: Sustainable Bonds: Green, Social, Sustainability and Sustainability-Linked Bonds
    • Moderator:
      • Henry Shilling, Director of Research, Sustainable Research and Analysis and FIASI Board Member
    • Panelists:
      • Marcy Block, Managing Director, Global Head of ESG Ratings, Sustainable Fitch
      • Matt Kuchtyak, Vice President – Sustainable Finance, Moody’s Ratings
      • Stephen M. Liberatore, CFA, Senior Managing Director, Head of ESG/Impact, Global Fixed Income, Nuveen
      • Joshua Linder, CFA, Senior Credit Analyst, Fixed Income, APG Asset Management USA, Inc.
      • Heike Reichelt, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainable Finance, World Bank Treasury
  • 12:00pm -- 12:30pm: Fordham / FIASI Sustainable Finance in Fixed Income Research Competition
    • Announcement of Award Winners
      • Sris Chatterjee, Gabelli Chair in Global Security Analysis Finance and Business Economics
      • Amy Levine, CFA, Senior Vice President, Director of ESG, Shenkman Capital Management, Inc.
      • Stephen M. Liberatore, CFA, Senior Managing Director, Head of ESG/Impact, Global Fixed Income, Nuveen
  • 12:30pm -- 1:30pm: Lunch & Networking
    • One flight down on the garden level dining room
  • 1:30pm -- 1:35pm Emcee for Afternoon Sessions
    • Ralph DeCesare, CFA, CAIA, Head of Credit Research, TD Asset Management
  • 1:35pm -- 2:00pm: Post Lunch Keynote Address
  • 2:00pm -- 3:00pm: Panel 3: Divestment Developments 
    • Moderator:
      • Geeta Kapadia, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Fordham University
    • Panelists:
      • Susanna Gibbons, CFA, Managing Director, Carlson Funds Enterprise, University of Minnesota
      • Bhakti Mirchandani, Managing Director, Responsible Investing at Trinity Church Wall Street
      • Walter Prahl, Ph.D., Professor, Fordham University
  • 3:00pm -- 3:15pm: Break
  • 3:15pm -- 4:15pm:  Panel 4: Investment Company Rulemaking and Corporate Climate Reporting and Disclosure
    • Moderator:
      • Alexander Dill, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Master of Financial Engineering Program, UCLA Anderson School of Management
    • Panelists:
      • Richard Freund, Associate Director, CDP Capital Markets, CDP North America
      • Michael Mencher, Special Counsel, Cooley LLP
      • Anya Solovieva, Director, Global Commercial Product Strategy, Climate Solutions, Sustainalytics
      • Diana Stoltzfus, National Quality Organization Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • 4:15pm -- 5:15pm: Panel 5: Private Assets/Private Credit
    • Moderator: 
      •  Michael Ferguson, CFA, Americas Analytical Manager for the Sustainable Finance, S&P Global Ratings
    • Panelist:
      • Jeff Cohen, CAIA, Managing Director, Head of ESG & Sustainability, Oak Hill Advisors
      • Matt Kaczmarek, Head of Private Debt Sustainable Investing, BlackRock
      • Abdulla Zaid, Vice President – Private Capital Research, MSCI
  •  5:15pm -- 5:30pm: Concluding Remarks

We also wish to acknowledge the role of the following Sustainable Finance in Fixed Income Research Compeition reveiw Committee Members:

  • Sris Chatterjee, Gabelli Chair in Global Security Analysis Finance and Business Economics
  • John Finnerty, Ph.D., Professor, Finance and Business Economics
  • Mark Howard, CFA, Managing Director and Senior Multi-Asset Specialist, BNP Paribas
  • Amy Levine, CFA, Director of ESG at Shenkman Capital Management
  • Stephen Liberatore, CFA, Senior Managing Director, Head of ESG/Impact, Global Fixed Income at Nuveen
  • Henry Shilling, Director of Research, Sustainable Research and Analysis LLC
  • Mariarosa Verde, Senior Vice President and Group Credit Officer for the Americas Corporate Finance team, Moody’s Investors Service
  • An Yan, The Robert Bendheim Chair Professor in Economics and Financial Policy, Professor of Finance and Area Chair, Finance and Business Economics, Co-Director of the Center for Research in Contemporary Finance

To watch the videos please click here.

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Credit Outlook in a Volatile Rate Environment


The Bloomberg Intelligence Analysts spoke about their specialities. They presented in this order:





Telecom, Media & Technology


Event Date 2024-03-07

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FIASI was so pleased to host Fixed Income manager with un-rivaled experience and perspective.

Dan Fuss brings 65 years of market, portfolio management and business acumen to our guests. He’s seen it all and then some, which we believe is hugely advantageous at a time of elevated uncertainty combined with full market valuations.  

Daniel Fuss, CFA, CIC, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and a senior advisor to the full discretion team, Loomis, Sayles & Company and  2000 FIASI Hall of Fame award winner

We are fortunate that this discussion was be led by his longtime Loomis, Sayles & Co, colleague and current Head of Credit Research, Chris Gootkind, CFA 


Event Date 2024-02-15

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2024 WIFI After Event


Conference Agenda:

  • 3:00: Opening Remarks FIASI and Women in Fixed Income Conference
    • Erin Lyons, Global Head of Business Strategy, CreditSights and President, FIASI Board of Directors
  • 3:05: Welcome Address
    • Michelle NealHead of the Markets Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
  • 3:15: Keynote:
    • Julie Remache, CFA, Deputy SOMA Manager and Head of Market and Portfolio Analysis on the Open Market Trading Desk in the Markets Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • 3:45: Session I: Macro Outlook: Will the soft landing hold through 2024?
    • Argia Sbordone, Ph.D., Head of Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    • Monika Mantilla, President & CEO, Altura Capital
    • Ellen Zentner, Chief U.S. Economist, Morgan Stanley
    • Nancy Davis, Founder, Quadratic Capital Management
    • Moderator: Monica Aggarwal, CFA, Managing Director, U.S. Retail & Consumer Team Head, Fitch Ratings and Secretary, FIASI Board of Directors
  • 4:30: Session 2: What lies ahead for Fixed Income markets in 2024?
    • Anna NordstromHead of the Domestic and International Markets Functions in the Markets Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    • Susanna Gibbons, CFA, Former Investment Advisory Council Minnesota State Board of Investment and Managing Director, David S. Kidwell Funds Enterprise, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
    • Paloma San ValentinHead of the Corporate Finance Group ratings in North America, Moody’s Investors’ Service
    • Mila Skulkina, CFA, Senior Managing Director, Lead Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets, Lord Abbett
    • Moderator: Joyce ChangChair of Global Research, JP Morgan, Member-at-large, FIASI Board of Directors
  • 5:10: Promoting Diversity in Financial Services -- Fireside chat
    • MonaLisa Como, Executive Director, Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Finance
    • Moderator: Kate Murtagh, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director, Sustainable Investing, Harvard Management Corp., Inc
  • 5:55: Closing Remarks
    • Jessica Broughton, Director, Financial Institutions Coverage, BNP Paribas and Vice President, FIASI Board of Directors
  • 6:00: Reception - Liberty Dining Room


  • This event took place on: Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  • This event took place at: Federal Reserve Bank of New York 33 Liberty Street New York, NY 10045 


Thank you to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for co-hosting this event.

Event Date 2024-02-07

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Innovations in Sustainable Finance

The volume and type of sustainable debt instruments have expanded significantly since 2015. Starting with innovative green bonds in 2007, sustainable debt instruments now extend to various forms of “use of proceeds bonds” to also include social bonds, sustainability bonds, blue bonds, gender equity and SDG bonds. This segment has been further bolstered in recent years to include sustainability-linked bonds and notes. In fact, this combined market segment reached about $3.8 trillion in financing by the end of 2022. But even with annual issuance projected to reach about $1.0 trillion this year, volumes and targets still do not rise to levels required to meet environmental and social development goals.

The event addressed the role that innovative financing solutions plays in addressing the world’s environmental and social development needs. Going beyond green, social and sustainable bonds, the focus will be on new bond structures that have already been introduced, such as various forms of securitization, debt for nature swaps, emission reduction linked bonds, or “outcome-based” bonds, to mention a few. At the same time, other designs, such as carbon-linked bonds and Climate Resilient Development Bonds, have been announced but these are still in the development phase.

Hosted by the Fixed Income Analysts Society (FIASI) together with the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, the event included a keynote address, followed by a series of case-study type discussions that drilled down on innovative capital raising environment-directed financial structures, audience Q&A as well as a networking opportunity.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Thomas Lee, CFA, Head of US Credit Research, Fixed Income, APG | Asset Management US Inc.


  • Joseph S. Fichera, CEO, Saber Partners
  • Peter Gardett, Financial and Capital Markets Executive Director, S&P Global
  • Bob Litterman, Ph.D. Chairman of the Risk Committee and a founding partner of Kepos Capital, NY
  • Fiona Stewart, World Bank, Lead Financial Sector Specialist, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation

Location: Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business | 140 W 62nd St, New York, NY 10023

Event Date 2023-09-18

Research Competition

Third Annual FIASI-Gabelli School Student Research Competition on environmental, social and governance (ESG) focused investments and innovations in sustainable finance

The first prize winners include:

Event Date 2023-05-17

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ESG 2023 Event

Conference Agenda: 

  • 8:30am -- 9:00am: Registration
  • 9:00am -- 9:10am: Welcome Remarks
    • Henry Shilling, Director of Research, Sustainable Research and Analysis and FIASI Board Member
  • 9:10am -- 9:45am: Keynote Speaker
  • 9:45am -- 10:45am: Relevance of Companies’ Energy Transition Plans to Credit Analysis: Risks and Opportunities
    • Moderator: 
      • John D. Finnerty, Ph. D., Professor of Finance at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business 
    • Panelists
      • Michael Ferguson, CFA, CPA, CAIA, CFE, Americas Team Leader, Sustainable Finance, S&P Global
      • Alex Griffiths, CA, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Corporate Ratings, Fitch Ratings
      • David Knutson, CFA, FRM, CMT, Head of US Fixed Income Product Management, Schroders
      • Michael Ridley, Ph.D. IMC, Head of Fixed Income ESG & Climate Research, MSCI
  • 10:45am -- 11:00am: Break
  • 11:00am -- 12:00pm: The Economic and Investment Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022
    • Moderator:
      • Stanislas Rouyer, Financial sector and climate risk analyst, credit research leader
    •  Panelists
  • 12:00pm -- 12:15pm: Fordham / FIASI Research Competition Announcement of Winners
    • Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D., Dean & Professor of Marketing, Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University
  • 12:15pm -- 1:15pm: Lunch & Networking
  • 1:15pm -- 1:45pm: Special Guest Speaker on European Union Regulations
  • 1:45pm -- 2:45pm: What are the Implications of Reforming the World Bank and IMF Mandates?
    • Moderator:
      • Tom Byrne, President & CEO, Korea Society
    • Panelists:
      • Edward Fitzpatrick, III, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Head of US Rates, J. P. Morgan
      • Renzo Merino, Vice-President, Senior Analyst, Moody's Investor Service
      • Emily Slater, Executive Director, Bretton Woods Committee
  • 2:45pm -- 3:00pm: Break
  • 3:00pm -- 4:00pm: Sustainable Finance Debt Instruments: Will Issuance Pass the $1 Trillion Level in 2023? 
    • Moderator:
      • Caroline Flammer, Ph.D., Professor of International and Public Affairs and of Climate at Columbia University 
    • Panelists:
      • Meredith Chiampa, North American Head of ESG, Global Markets, Citi Global Markets
      • Ramzi Issa, Managing Director, Global Head of Credit Investor Products Structuring, Credit Suisse
      • Stephen Liberatore, CFA, Lead PM for ESG Fixed Income Strategies, Nuveen
  • 4:00pm -- 4:15pm: Closing Remarks
    • Monica Aggarwal, CFA, President FIASI and Managing Director, Fitch Ratings


To watch the full program click here.

Event Date 2023-04-20

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Bloomberg Intelligence panel discussions: 

  • Panel 1: Banking Turmoil and Ripple Effects Across Financials
  • Panel 2: Health and Outlook of the Global Consumer with the impact on Consumer & Industrial Sectors.
  • Panel 3: Energy Discussion and important capital allocation decisions that need to be made
  • Panel 4: Relative value update on the TMT sector, including how to optimize Bloomberg functionality and data.

Moderator: Joel Levington, CMA



Event Date 2023-03-29

2023 FIASI Women in Fixed Income w SP

Conference Agenda:

  • 2:30: Registration
  • 3:00: Opening Remarks FIASI and Women in Fixed Income Conference
    • Monica Aggarwal, President, FIASI and Managing Director, US Corporates, Fitch Ratings
  • 3:15: Keynote:
    • Anna Kovner, Ph.D., Director, Financial Stability Policy Research, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    • Interviewer: Ritika Gupta, On-Air Reporter, Bloomberg TV
  • 3:45: Session I: Macro Outlook: The Economy, Rising Inflation and Rates and Strategies for a Volatile Cycle
    • Dana PetersonChief Economist & Center Leader of Economy, Strategy & Finance at The Conference Board
    • Rebecca Patterson, Former Chief Investment Strategist at Bridgewater Associates
    • Meghan Robson, CFA, Head of US Credit Strategy, BNP Paribas
    • Moderator: Erin Lyons, Global Head of Business Strategy, CreditSights
  • 4:30: Session 2: Market Outlook: Is 2023 a Comeback Year for Fixed Income Markets
    • Janet Clay, CFAManaging Director of Research for the High Yield and Leveraged Finance asset classes, Fidelity Investments
    • Penelope Foley, Group Managing Director, Emerging Markets and Member of the Board, TCW Group
    • Julie Remache, CFA, Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    • Moderator: Joyce Chang, Chair of Global Research, JP Morgan
  • 5:15: Promoting Financial Literacy for Girls: Insights from Girls Inc. NYC
  • 5:30: Closing Remarks
    • Ralph DeCesare, CFA, CAIA, Head of Credit Research, TD Asset Management
    • Mark Howard, CFA, Senior Multi-Asset Specialist, BNP Paribas
  • 5:45: Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres

Thank you to these vendors as well:

  • Luminary, NYC for being such a wonderful partner
  • Catered by Kat Alexander, Founder, Portable Provisions and Adriana Livanos, Co-founder, Stray Dog Gin
  • Sweets curated by Bridget Johns, Co-founder, CEO, To&From


Event Date 2023-02-09

 Fed Reserve JCW 11923









John C. Williams, Ph.D., President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

President Williams, Ph.D. is a voting member of the FOMC and gave his views on monetary policy and the U.S. economic outlook. 

Event Date 2023-01-19

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Darrell Duffie Presented his views on how to reform the US Treasury Market

Darrell Duffie, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Darrell is currently Resident Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.  He will join us at our holiday party and share his views about the ongoing reform of the US Treasury market.  The last chapter of his most recent book Fragmenting Markets: Post-Crisis Bank Regulations and Financial Market Liquidity, DeGruyter, 2022 covers the views he will be sharing. 

Event Date 2022-12-06

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Christine Harper, Editor of Bloomberg Markets magazine, and Paul Volcker biographer, discussed what the Chairman went through when he was aggressively tightening monetary policy in the 1980's. What are the similarities to today's markets and what should current Fed chair Jay Powell expect? 

Event Date 2022-11-30

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MODERATOR: Taylor Riggs, CFA, co-hosts Bloomberg Television’s “The Close.”


  • Priya Misra, Managing Director and Global Head of Rates Strategy at TD Securities
  • Van Hesser, Senior Managing Director and Chief Strategist at KBRA
Event Date 2022-10-26

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Lev Dynkin, Ph.D. founder and Global Head of the Quantitative Portfolio Strategy (QPS) Group at Barclays Research

Event Date 2022-09-22

The Fixed Income Analysts Society (FIASI) in collaboration with Fordham University’s Center for Research in Contemporary Finance and the O’Shea Center for Credit Analysis and Investment were pleased to host a virtual presentation by the authors of two winning research papers in the ESG in Fixed Income Research Competition.

On May 20, 2022 FIASI and Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business announced the winners of two Graduate student research papers, as part of the second annual Student Research Competition on environmental, social and governance (ESG) focused investments and innovations. The following winners presented their research paper findings and engaged in brief Q&A sessions.

Event Date 2022-06-29

Watch Presentation

Event Date 2022-06-21

14012216 GModerator: Taylor Riggs, CFA, co-hosts Bloomberg Television’s “The Close.”



Listen to the experts debate and discuss their views on the following topics:

  • Is the housing market over/fairly/under-valued?
  • What is your forecast for pricing?
  • What will be the broad impact to the economy/jobs/banking system/Mortgage backed securities? 
Event Date 2022-06-02

 ESG 2022 Banner for website

This two day conference was held on May 19, 2022 and May 20, 2022 

Thursday, May 19, 2022 | 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm EST:

  •  1:30 pm - 1:45 pm:
    • Opening of the Conference, Day I - Henry Shilling, FIASI Board Member and Director of Research Sustainable Research and Analysis
  • 1:45 pm - 3:00 pm:
    • US Infrastructure policy agenda with a focus on environmental and social considerations:
    • A moderated panel discussion consisting of fixed income portfolio managers and ESG analysis. The panel  will focus on the implications of infrastructure investments on various segments of fixed income investing.
    • MODERATOR: Chris Hartshorn, Climate Tech, Impact and ESG Strategy
      • Trevor d'Olier-Lees, Senior Director, Sector Lead Global Renewables and North American PPP, S&P Global Ratings
      • Emma W, Griffith, Senior Director and the Head of Surveillance, GIG and Project Finance Group, Fitch Ratings
      • Leonard Jones, Managing Director - Public Finance, Moody's Investor Service
      • Timothy Winter, CFA, Portfolio Manager, The Gabelli Utilities Fund, GAMCO
  • 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
    • The role of central banks and regulators in greening the financial system and making it more sustainable.
    • A moderated panel discussion focused on some of the initiatives at global and national levels and how these are impacting banks, insurance companies and markets. 
    • MODERATOR: Rian Pressman, CFA, Director, S&P Global
      • Paul Fisher, Ph.D., Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
      • Joydeep Mukherji, Managing Director, S&P Global Ratings
      • Claudia Ramirez, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the General Directorate for Financial Stability, Banco de México (Mexico’s Central Bank), 
      • Vitaline Yeterian, Senior Vice President - Global FIG, DBRS Morningstar
  • 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm - Keynote
    • Q&A with Hester M. Peirce, Commissioner of the US Securities & Exchange Commission


Friday, May 20, 2022 | 9:15 am to 12:45 pm EST:

  •  9:15 am - 9:30 am:
    • Opening of the Conference, Day II - Monica Aggarwal, CFA, FIASI Board President and Managing Director, Fitch Ratings
  • 9:30 am - 10:00 am - Keynote
    • Paul Taylor, President and CEO, Fitch Group
    • Interviewer: David Wessel, senior fellow in Economic Studies at Brookings and director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • 10:00 am - 10:15 am
    • Announcement of Fordham University / FIASI ESG in Fixed Income Research Competition award winners
      • John D. Finnerty, Ph.D., Professor of Finance at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business
      • Mark Howard, CFA, Senior Multi-Asset Specialist at BNP Paribas
  • 10:15 am - 11:30 am
    • ESG Data and Technology
    • A moderated panel discussion with panelists from major ESG data firms will cover the latest trends and developments in providing ESG data solutions that focus on the more complex nature of fixed income instruments, from corporates to structured securities.
    • MODERATOR: Bahar Gidwani, CFA, FSA, Cofounder & CTO, CSRHub
  • 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
    • The implications of a commitment to the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative for asset management firms, and climate risk analysis
    • A moderated panel discussion with executives from asset management firms that are signatories to the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative as well as asset management industry analysts.
    • MODERATOR: Joyce Chang, Chair of Global Research, J.P. Morgan
      • Simone Andrews, Responsible Investment and Governance Manager at APG Asset Management
      • Carey Buxton, Head of Sustainable Investing Business, Brown Advisory
      • Kay Herr, CFA, Head of Research, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
      • Josh Stein, CFA, FSA, Senior Research Analyst, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
      • Malika Takhtayeva, Sustainable Fixed Income Lead - EMEA, BNP Paribas Asset Management


Event Date 2022-05-19

After Event Bloomberg

Intro to Bloomberg Intelligence: Joel Levington, CMA

Explosion of M&A Activity and Credit Implications:

Picks & Pans: 

Both panels will be followed by a Q&A session.

Event Date 2022-03-23

BI Credit (March 23, 2022) (Powerpoint)

Watch presentation


2022 FIASI WiFI Header

The agenda began with
Co-Founder and Former Vice Chairman, BlackRock
Who shared on 
"Future of Asset Management with Focus on Fixed Income"
Followed by two panels to discuss the Global Market Opportunities and Risks


Featured Speakers:

First Panel

Lale Topcuoglu, Swiss Re, Managing Director, Head of Credit

Winnie Cisar, CreditSights, Global Head of Strategy

 Priya Misra, TD Securities, Head of Global Rates Research


Second Panel:

Joyce Chang, J.P. Morgan, Chair of Global Research

Janet Henry, HSBC, Global Chief Economist

Cathy Hepworth, PGIM, Head of Emerging Markets Debt

Event Date 2022-01-12

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Corporate Sustaining Members

Moody's Credit Outlook

Moody's Credit Outlook report is available here. Published Monday and Thursday mornings, Moody's Credit Outlook provides you with the credit implications of current events.