1996 Hall of Fame

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1996 Hall of Fame

Induction Speech for Fischer Black

Inducted December, 1996

Mr. Emanuel Derman, Director of Quantitative Strategies at Goldman, Sachs & Company, conducted the ceremonies inducting Fischer Black. Mr. Derman, a colleague and co-author with Fischer Black of many innovations, most notably the development of the Black-Derman-Toy option-valuation model, made the following presentation.

Induction Speech for William H. Gross

Inducted December, 1996

President John Malvey’ s Hall of Fame Induction of William (Bill) H. Gross, Founder and Managing Director, Pacific Investment Management Company.

I’m Jack Malvey of Lehman Brothers, President of the Fixed-Income Analysts Society. On behalf of our Board, all of my member colleagues, and our many sponsors, I want to welcome our guests and the financial media to the highlight of our 17th Annual Bond Conference, today’s second annual Fixed Income Analysts Society "Hall of Fame" induction. I especially want to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our Bond Conference Chairperson, Margaret Cannella of Citicorp, and our Past President’s Club seated over here. And I want to thank all of the Street firms, who have shown up en masse for today’s ceremony. Without your support and participation, this annual conference would not be possible.

1996 Hall of Fame Awards Dinner

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