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Steve Berkley is a Wall Street professional with over 30 years of experience and joined Bloomberg in 2014 to lead their index effort. Most of his career was spent at Lehman Brothers where he was the Global Head of the Index Business. During his 19 years at Lehman, Steve led the effort to grow market share resulting in a franchise that is widely accepted as the global leader in fixed income benchmarks. Berkley participated in the initial launch of the U.S. Aggregate Index, led the effort to create the Global and Euro-Aggregate Indices, established a program to monetize the index through various licensing agreements, improved production and distribution processes, conducted multiple Index Advisory Councils with key clients on three continents, worked with internal compliance to communicate index developments with the media and marketed various software packages distributed by the index team.

Berkley left Lehman and joined BlackRock in 2005 where he established and headed the Relationship Management function for BlackRock Solutions. During this time the number of Aladdin clients nearly quadrupled. Steve was also responsible for the BlackRock Solutions Center and the Investment Accounting business. He was named COO for the Aladdin business in 2010.

Steve holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA, both from Hofstra University, where he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Steve served as the President of FIASI from 2005—2006.

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Event Name New Developments in Fixed Income Indexes
Event Date 2016-03-03

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